Teacher Comments

As the director of a state law-related education program for the past 30 years, I have  observed many approaches to educational outreach by lawyers and judges.  From this perspective, I can say that Judicially Speaking has earned my admiration. …  The simulation and debriefing exercises that I observed are solidly grounded in the best practices of civics
education.  The content is relevant and accessible to high school students and the simulation is engaging. 

Barbara Miller
Executive Director
Center for Education in Law and Democracy 

I have personally learned through this program of the misunderstanding of what a judge ultimately does and that is to apply the law.  I have changed what I teach on that matter so students are not misinformed.  “Judicially Speaking” is a high quality program that brings
much of what students see in television drama to reality.  As an educator, I place high value on bringing relevancy into the classroom. 

Angie Chatman
Social Studies Teacher
Pine Creek High School

Prior to this lesson, most students (myself included) had a clouded perception of how judges come to their decisions, but after this experience, this was demystified through a hands on, interactive experience.  The attorneys and judges also emphasized that all American citizens are equal before the law regardless of race, gender, social status, and ethnicity.  Through this activity, this became clear to my students, and was a truly powerful lesson.
The magic of the “Judicially Speaking” program is that not only do students (and teachers) get the opportunity to learn from experts in the Judicial Branch, but that the students are the ones who truly discover the information themselves.  This program is all about putting the power to discuss, debate, and discover meaningful answers in the hands of the students… 

Amber Jeffords
Social Studies Teacher
Fountain-Fort Carson High School

​​[I am a history teacher at a youth correctional facility and invited Judicially Speaking into our facility.]  At first I was a bit concerned on how [Judicially Speaking judges] would be received since some of these same judges have committed some of my students to the Division of Youth Corrections.  When the judges arrived many of my students were skeptical  …  and disinterested.  I was amazed that within a very short period of time these young men were just as engaged in the presentation as I was.  Instead of seeing judges as power-hungry people in black robes who have arbitrary authority to make decisions without restraints, these adjudicated offenders were able to see and experience the limitations, guidelines and duties a judge must adhere to.  This experience was so powerful that if it were up to me I would, without a second thought, have this program become a regular part of every juvenile correctional program.

Mark Schaefer
History Teacher
​Zeb Pike Youth Services Center