Student Comments

“You have inspired me to learn more about our government and how it works… I am fascinated [sic] with the idea of the two different systems and how they don’t just give up on people for making one mistake… Thanks again for inspiring me to learn.” – V.N.  “I really appreciate you and your colleagues taking the time to come to Eagleview and explain everything about the court systems and the 3 branches of government… Fairness is key and you made sure that we learned that today.”         –M.S.

“I also want to thank you for letting us participate in the activity where we had to decide if what the crime was and age to decide if we put them in juvenile or Adult prison. It really showed me how hard it is to decide punishment.” – A.R.

“Thank you for coming in to teach us about the differences of juvenile and adult cases.  It was interesting learning about the different court cases. I really enjoyed getting to be the judge and the legislature.  Once again thank you for teaching us about your job.” – M.E.

“My favorite part was when we were deciding if the minors were to go to an adult trial or juvenile trial.” – A.S

​“Thank you for taking the time to visit our school and teach us on the subject of the juvenile system and how it varies from the adult system.  I have learned that the maximum sentence for juveniles is 7 years.  How the goal is to teach them before they get sent back out into society.” – Z.K.