Judicially Speaking seeks to bring to students an understanding of the role of the judiciary in the American system of governance.  We are dedicated to bringing our program to as broad a swath of the community as possible.  

More than two centuries ago, the Founders of the United States of America launched a revolutionary experiment in the governance of modern nations.  The two keystones of that revolution were the principles of popular sovereignty and the rule of law.  While the experiment has had its challenges, the model has enjoyed a level of success, longevity, and stability that is unparalleled among the nations of the modern world.  The people of the United States of America have been the primary beneficiaries of the success of this model. 

The motivation behind Judicially Speaking is that an essential element to preserving the benefits of our system is a long term approach to maintaining a shared appreciation among our people of the core components of American justice.  Given our foundation of popular sovereignty, our people ultimately define the future of the rule of law in our country.  We focus on non-partisan education of Americans so that they may better understand the responsibilities they hold in stewarding the gift to them of over 10 generations that have gone before them, a gift they will steward, whether actively or passively, for the generations that will follow.

Judicially Speaking helps the student understand the importance of the rule of law to our daily lives and, hopefully, helps them appreciate its value.  We then seek to empower the student to treasure and protect the rule of law for themselves and for everyone in our community.