General Model:

Our presentations follow a highly interactive model based on experiential learning.  The judge gives a very brief explanation of the role of the judge in our rule-of-law oriented system.  The students are then given a typical task for a judge drawn from actual cases.  The students, usually working in small groups, then work through performing the job of a judge.  The students then discuss their decisions.  Students will do the bulk of the talking.

The presentations are designed for high school classes but can be easily modified for other age groups. 

The presentations are appropriate for civics, law, social studies, mock trial, and related classes.

No prior preparation is required for the teacher or the student.  However, the presentations are designed to provide ample opportunity for further exploration during class if the teacher likes.  Materials for pre or post visit classroom work are available upon request.

Presentations can easily fit in 45 minute or 90 minutes classes.  Teachers should advise their visiting judge of the available classroom time so the program can be tailored properly.

Presentations are designed to take place in the classroom.  However, if you would like to combine the program with a visit to the courthouse, this can be arranged. 

The program is designed for individual classes to maximize each student's opportunity for participation.  This is not a program for large assemblies. 

We continue to develop new presentations and each speaker tailors the presentation to his or her experiences and the individual class.  Our most commonly used programs are as follows:

Adult vs. Juvenile